They've Got Everything They Need. So Why Don't Students Prepare for Career?

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Fabriq is for launching modern career communities that students, alumni and employers love.
  • Supercharge alumni involvement
  • Captivate student attention
  • Delight employer partners
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The best are investing in social fabric

“Fabriq has provided an innovative solution to accomplishing our goal of 100% meaningful career outcomes for all graduating student-athletes.”

Chris McIntosh, Deputy Athletic Director

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Humans helping humans

Every action is relational

Designed for engagement

  • Live Q&A's broadcasts
  • 1 on 1 or group video calls
  • On-demand video stories
  • Personalized connections
Answers in stories

Every broadcast turns into dozens of answers to the most important questions

Opportunity via connections
Each in-app experience creates a starting point for connection which leads to opportunity.

Collegiate athletics

Stop losing opportunities to keep your letterwinners engaged. Give them a platform to make a difference and watch the incredible impact unfold before your eyes.

  • Life-long alumni engagement
  • Career pathways for every student-athlete
  • A recruiting advantage that can't be copied

Business schools

Open the doors for students, alumni and employer partners to systematically engage in a private online context.

  • A new channel for value creation
  • Meaningful alumni engagement
  • Rich data to fuel success

Attention is the new currency

Fabriq enables you to create a context where your students want to learn. When alumni are a part of this process, they not only help students, they take ownership in their development.

Live Q&A Broadcasts
Video Calls
Live Q&A Broadcasts

In a live video stream, the broadcast host answers topic related questions from the crowd creating shared experiences that foster future connection.


Each broadcast is automatically clipped into individual Q&A videos. Hosts can then easily add videos into a collection called a story and post it to their profile.

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Video Calls

Schedule mock, informational or actual interviews between members in the community. Conversations can be one on one or group video calls.

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Don't just take our word for it

Read what students, alumni and employer partners are saying
"I loved being able to give back to my alma..."
“It was one of the coolest professional experiences I've ever had!”
“Hopefully it (my broadcast) can help some students figure out that it's normal not knowing what you want to do..."
“It's such a good way to learn about jobs that are relevant to me.”
“I would be happy to do this once a month.”
“I like the ability to tell my story...”

A powerful web app

Building community at scale has never been easier

Control with ease

Flexible permission structures, customizable on-boarding and SSO give you everything you need to keep your community healthy and secure.

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Engage at scale

One central location for managing live broadcasts, scheduling video calls and sending messages across your entire user base.

  • Build your broadcast schedule
  • Converse with anyone
  • Schedule video calls

Analyze insights

Journey alongside students and let the insights from engagement data inform your coaching and their next steps.

  • In-depth user data
  • Custom reporting
  • Accessible API

Custom built mobile apps

The front door to your community

Your branded app

  • Managed for you

    Your mission, your brand, your community

  • Customized for you

    Customizations across onboarding, email engagement, profile questions and more

And that's not all

Fabriq provides everything you need to cultivate, scale and sustain your private community.
Branded Mobile apps (iOS and Android)
Role Based On-Boarding
SSO and Social Auth
In-App Video Calls
Events, Assignments and more...

Integrate seamlessly

Fabriq was built from the ground up to integrate right into your existing applications, providing rich behavioral data to fuel your mission
Get alumni attributes like current company, home city, post-graduate education and engagement score to properly segment your most engaged and supportive alumni
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