They've Got Everything They Need. So Why Don't Students Prepare for Career?

Build your career community

Fabriq is how you launch modern career communities that students, alumni and employers love.
  • Captivate student attention
  • Unparalleled alumni support
  • Increased value for employer partners
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More than a job board

Building a career community is about incentivizing people


Students are extremely diverse, each with their own unique needs. They want information directly from the source. They expect it. To win their attention and affect their behavior, you must provide a context that is intentional, safe and real.


They want to help. They've got a ton to offer by way of knowledge and network alone. But they aren't going to track you down and offer it. They need to be empowered to act. And it needs to be easy, fun and rewarding.

Career Services

You're the most influential resource students (and young alumni) have to leverage. But not because you're all knowing. Because you can connect them to the people they need the most. You need a platform designed to help you do this at scale.

Employer Partners

They want a row of qualified candidates ready to apply and they want it every year, forever. They also want to help. Give them both with the most effective channel to educate, engage and build brand affinity with your students and alumni.

Why people love Fabriq

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“I've always tried to think differently about solving problems and partnering with Fabriq has been the best experience I've ever had working with a partner.”
Bridget Woodruff
Associate AD, Career & Leadership
“Fabriq's tech, systems and way of thinking is unlike anything I've ever seen in higher education.”
Matt Young
Assistant Director, Eployer Relations
“Our employer partners aren't only excited for a more engaging channel, they realize they can make a positive difference in our students lives.”
Nick Pasquarello
Director, Strategic Partnerships

Trusted by the best

“Fabriq has provided an innovative solution to accomplishing our goal of 100% meaningful career outcomes for all graduating student-athletes.”

Chris McIntosh, Deputy Athletic Director

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Drive the outcomes you want from one centralized location

Alumni involvement

No matter where they live, give your curated alumni a platform to share their current career focus and unique perspective with the community.

Student engagement

Connecting with relevant alumni who want to help is the most valuable things students can do for their career exploration and they know it.

Employer partner support

Easily incorporate your most strategic employer partners into the community so they can pro-actively educate your students on their unique value.

Career readiness

Use in-app video calls for mock and informational interviews, action items and more to help prepare students for career.

Rich insights

Leverage rich insights on user behavior to inform your schools most strategic initiatives.

Give alumni the platform to make a difference

Give alumni the most engaging platform to come along side you and share their ideas, strategies, tactics and stories with your student population.

Live Q&A Broadcasts
Video Calls
Live Q&A Broadcasts

In a live video stream, the broadcast host answers topic related questions from the crowd creating shared experiences that foster future connection.


Each broadcast is automatically clipped into individual Q&A videos. Hosts can then easily add videos into a collection called a story and post it to their profile.

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Video Calls

Schedule mock, informational or actual interviews between members in the community. Conversations can be one on one or group video calls.

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Custom built mobile apps

The front door to your community

Your branded app

  • Managed for you

    Your mission, your brand, your community

  • Customized for you

    Customizations across onboarding, email engagement, profile questions and more

Manage your community with ease

Easily manage the experience for a single user or the entire community as you lead people towards success.

Control with ease

Flexible permission structure, customizable on-boarding and granular user insights give you everything you need to keep your community healthy and secure.

Engage at scale

One central location for managing live broadcasts, scheduling video calls and sending messages across your entire user base.

  • Build your broadcast schedule
  • Converse with anyone
  • Schedule video calls

Analyze insights

Journey alongside students and let the insights from engagement data inform your coaching and their next steps.

  • In-depth user data
  • Custom reporting
  • Accessible API

Not just an app, an engaged community

Designed for action

Every element designed for humans to take action toward their goals

  • Stories with answers
  • Video calls
  • Live broadcasts
  • Algorithmic matching
Answers in stories

Every broadcast turns into dozens of answers to the most important questions

Opportunity via connections
Each in-app experience creates a starting point for connection which leads to opportunity.

And much, much more

Fabriq provides everything you need to cultivate, scale and sustain your private community.
Branded Mobile apps (iOS and Android)
Custom On-Boarding
SSO and Social Auth
Development Plans
In-App Video Calls
And More...

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