The Numbers That Drive Fabriq

The numbers that keep us up at night... and drive us to get up and grind each morning. A snapshot of college career center engagement.

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Fabriq vs In-Person Career Center: Battle Royale Edition🤜💥🤛

Can Fabriq career communities compete with the student engagement of in-person career centers? A deep dive on the data— no holds barred.

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They've Got Everything They Need. So Why Don't Students Prepare for Career?

A deep dive on why college students wait to think about their careers... and what Career Services needs to do to fast-track the career discovery process.

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Fabriq Is The 10x Mushroom For Your Career Services Mario 💥

One principle from the world of startup investing (and from the world of Mario) can help you choose the right technology for your career services team. Spoiler alert: we're that tech. 😎

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This One Thing Will Define The Reach Of Your Career Services Mission ☝

Choosing the wrong technology will significantly limit your ability to fulfill your mission. Tech isn’t a downstream decision that you can punt until later; instead, getting the tech choice right is the foundation of being able to fulfil your mission.

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How We're Transforming Alumni Engagement One Community At A Time

How Fabriq provides equitable access for any Letterwinner to give their knowledge, network, creativity, and time to impact the people that they are in a prime position to serve— younger versions of themselves (aka student-athletes).

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